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Raja’s real estate career began over 12 years ago in Auckland and he has experienced success right from the start. At one point Raja had 30 plus listings. Not bad for a newcomer! Raja moved to a sales management role and covered all aspects of real estate from business development, to market share, negotiating and customer service. He also gained valuable experience liaising with various key players in the real estate world such as solicitors, developers, property valuers and mortgage brokers. Raja was fortunate to be able to mentor some very successful real estate salespeople.

He started his sales career as a diamond broker and jewellery manufacturer in the Mumbai diamond market in 1998. The Mumbai diamond market is one of the most unique marketplaces in the world. Every day, transactions worth millions of dollars take place on the street. 100% presence of mind and attention to detail is required otherwise it can lead to big financial disaster.

Working with various brokers, diamond cutters, jewellers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers helped Raja establish strong skills in sales and business development.

This is one of those experiences that can only be learned on the streets of Mumbai.

Sales has always been a passion of Raja’s and now he’s with Ray White working from the Waiuku branch.

List with the best and get the best results quickly and efficiently. Contact Raja today!